Welcome to the Novo Nordisk Care Program

The Novo Nordisk Care Program is designed to provide assistance to eligible patients for select Novo Nordisk medicines.

The Novo Nordisk Care Program provides you with a benefit card that covers the cost of select* prescribed medicine(s) made by Novo Nordisk as well as standard markups and dispensing fees equivalent to those paid by the various provincial public payers.  Please note that you may be responsible for any additional charges at the pharmacy.

Your benefit card can be used for initial and subsequent prescription refills and renewals for a period of up to one (1) year at which time you will need to renew your coverage.  Throughout the year, you may be randomly selected to confirm your household size, household income and access to drug insurance.  

Novo Nordisk Care Program support will cease when you no longer require the assistance of the program by improving your household income, securing public or private insurance coverage; or the program has been terminated by Novo Nordisk.